A Letter from
The Chairman

Thomas W. Dortch, Jr. Chairman of the Board

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2018 Proved to be a pivotal year for not only our our organization, but for our country as a whole. The current state of our society is as fragile as its ever been.

It’s our duty as a world-class mentoring organization to continue to evolve in order to effectively deliver our message and continue to reach new audiences. Between the government shutdown, immigration crisis, mid-term election controversies, MeToo Movement, school shootings, and natural disasters, the need for our work and contributions remains at an all-time high. 

As we strive towards improving the quality of life within our communities and enhancing the educational and economic opportunities for all African Americans, we must continue to expand our social impact until we put the world on notice. By promoting our social impact across our networks, we continue to build credibility and trust, which allows us to gather more resources and provide opportunities for all African Americans and minority groups. 

This past year we led several key initiatives that continued to broaden our impact on the lives we touch and the solutions for which we advocate. We reactivated our Real Men Vote Campaign to encourage members to take their mentees to the polls in hope to increase the voter education, engagement, registration, and mobilization to the polls amongst minorities. U.S. voters turned out in record numbers to participate in the mid-term elections. This is progress that will be cultivated and built upon as we progress to the upcoming elections.

In 2018, we beat industry norms with total fundraising, management, and general costs being 14 percent of total expenditures for the year. This means that 86 percent of the financial investments from our donors and sponsors, at the national level, went directly to serving our youth and communities through programs. 

Last year I visited over one-third of our chapters and I’m excited about the progress and success I’ve witnessed. With our district capacity trainings, we have helped strengthen the bridge between headquarters and our chapters through offering targeted trainings and providing resources needed to reignite and reengage our members. 

We have expanded commitment from our corporate sponsors which has led us to build true sponsorships. Our sponsors aren’t just investing in the work of the 100, but also investing in the members, individual chapters, the network, and the overall impact we make in our communities. 

With the leadership of our new CEO, John Armstrong, I am confident in the future of the 100 and the operational leadership at our headquarters office. Mr. Armstrong is focused, experienced, talented, and able to help take this organization to the next level. As we move forward, I am excited to see the 100 Black Men affiliate chapters’ involvement in mentoring and working more closely with their 100-parent chapters. We are also preparing to formally launch our national program of Emerging 100. We want to put special focus on developing the future leaders of our organization. We must remember that the future is created by what we do today, not tomorrow. With this being said, I’m excited for the future of the organization as we continue to put in the hard work day after day. 

We are committed to continuing to produce the results that validate your confidence in us. We hope you will find this annual report useful for that validation, as well as to join us in the celebration of our accomplishments. 



Thomas W. Dortch, Jr. 
Chairman of the Board

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