A Letter from
The Chairman

Thomas W. Dortch, Jr. Chairman of the Board

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Building On The Legacy of The 100

As an active member of the 100 Black Men global network, history and legacy is a mantle we carry. We have the honor and responsibility to develop a strategic plan that will set the foundation for the 100’s next five years and beyond. It is a critical time in our organization’s history, and we must revisit goals and priorities to reflect our changing world and today’s youth.

At the start of the 100 strategic planning process, we began by asking you for input. All stakeholders will be included, and we will work within an overarching framework of self-examination from the inside out. The working groups, strategies, and priority areas, along with our timeline and milestones, will be shared with Chapter Presidents for transparent dissemination to members. Collectively, we can build a strategic plan that reflects our distinctive strengths and values. Below is a list of key areas that I personally would like to improve upon.

  • Member Engagement
    Engage members more quickly and deeply. Increase member attendance at conferences and timely chapters’ compliance submission.

  • Strengthen and Clarify Brand
    – Establish 100 Chapters and the 100 Network as the go-to resource for mentoring. Increase awareness of members’ impact in Four For The Future areas.

    – Blanket the landscape with the correct/approved brand logos.
  • Infrastructure
    Ensure financial viability and increase member products and services.

  • Standards
    Employ best practices while acting on key strategic internal and external opportunities.

  • Advocacy
    Establish the 100 as a recognized leader in advocating for youth in the U.S. and Abroad. Train members on advocacy and create an internal process for quick mobilization.

    When the plan is adopted and launched it will be aligned with operations. We will exercise due diligence by continually monitoring, evaluating, reporting, and improving. Let’s get ready to reset and make our outstanding organization even better.


Thomas W. Dortch, Jr. 
Chairman of the Board

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