The Emerging 100®

Auxiliary Program Of 100 Black Men Of America, Inc.

  The primary purpose of the Emerging 100® program is to provide an avenue for 100 Black Men chapters to continue their one-on-one and group mentoring to young professionals after graduation from college; continuing The 100’s philosophy of Mentoring The 100 Way® Across a Lifetime. Members of the Emerging 100® assist the local 100 Black Men Chapter (Sponsoring Chapter), as appropriate, with its programmatic initiatives that support the development of social, emotional, and educational needs of youth who need positive role models in the communities in which they live. The Emerging 100® program is not designed to, nor will it be permitted to operate as, as an autonomous, separate group that operates independently from the local 100 Black Men Chapter that sponsors the formation of the program. The right to use intellectual properties must be approved by the local Chapter through authorization from the National Headquarters of 100 Black Men of America, Inc. The Emerging 100®  is a stellar group of young professionals that expand the reach, capacity and impact of The 100. DONATE NOW

Help Make A Difference In the Lives Of Our Youth