Bethew “Bert” Jennings III

Bert Jennings is Senior Counsel, Head of Intellectual Property with Bechtel Corporation, where he is in charge of intellectual property for all of Bechtel Corporation. His previous 20 years of experiences include: Private Practice with his own firm, Jennings Law Group, P.L.L.C.; Executive Director of Intellectual Property and Corporate Development with AT&T; Halliburton Company as […]

Pathways to Success (PTS) program teaches entrepreneurship and career readiness for inter-city youth

The program purpose is to increase the understanding of entrepreneurship and career readiness for inter-city youth. Our Pathways to Success (PTS) program will provide participants a basic understanding of entrepreneurship, essentials to corporate culture and careers. Topics to include are basic finance, entrepreneurship basics, career readiness, network and relationship-building and career exploration. Adopted from the […]