Rory T. Edwards

Mr. Edwards is the author of the Life-Changing Guide for Athletes, Coaches, and Parents entitled, So You Want to be a Professional Athlete A guide for Raising, Being and Coaching the World’s next SUPERSTAR. As Chairman and Founder of the Rory T. Edwards Group, Rory is dedicated to developing programs and providing services that deliver the educational, health and social essentials of culturally diverse, urban, suburban and rural communities.

Prior to developing the Rory T. Edwards Group, Rory worked relentlessly in a multitude of leadership positions over the last 30 years in Education, Community development, Corporate Business, and Non-Profit organizations. Rory has taught at every level of education (elementary-college) and every type of learning institution; public, technical, private, and charter. As Dean of Students and Faculty, his school culture methodology was hailed by the former U.S. Secretary of Education as “A National Model for Education.” Rory was Co-founder of Cross-Cultural Academy of Arts and Technology Charter School and has assisted numerous school leaders in the development of their charter schools in 6 states.

Rory T. Edwards has shared the stage and space (airtime, television and radio, boardrooms, coffee houses, and arenas, with some of the most prominent and powerful figures of our time, in education, politics, business, and civic life. He belonged in such company.

Throughout his travels across this planet, Rory is known for his creative, attentive, spirited, high energy, entertaining and persistent approach to developing relationships, aptitude, attitude, gratitude and solutions for the best YOU!