Rhyan LaMarr

Rhyan LaMarr, a graduate of Columbia University, has a wealth of tangible experience in the Music and Film business world, as well as being a consultant to major corporations and record labels such as Universal, Igloo Music, Gravitas Ventures, Clear Channel and Masters Media Group LLC. Having a strong belief system has enabled him stay committed and grounded all while engaging the world with thought provoking visual art and musical media. 

In summer of 2003 Rhyan LaMarr got his first big break with only one year of instruction from Columbia Film School under his belt, when he found himself on the set of Mr. 3000 with the late comedic great Bernie Mac.
This opportunity led to securing a vast variety of positions with shows such as The Bernie Mac Show, That 70’s Show, The Apprentice Season 6 and America’s Got Talent to name a few. Since then he has created, produced and marketed multiple long form music videos, Feature films, short films, reality television and programming that contributed to over $40 million of revenue for such companies as Sony, Universal Music Group, RCA Records, Concord Music Group and Bunim and Murray Productions. Throughout his career, he has worked with the likes of Bernie Mac, George Clooney, Ashton Kutcher, Wayne Brady, Malcom-Jamal Warner, Eddie Murphy, Tom Hanks, Bill Cosby, Ryan Seacrest, Charles Stone, Cederic “The Entertainer”, Malik Yoba, Topher Grace, Shane Sparks, Hi-Hat, Kelsey Grammer, Yancey Arrias, Eric Roberts, Stevie Wonder, Chuck Maldonado, Baby Face, MicoWave, Bootsy Collins, Bill Duke, Common, and All-4-One to name a few…

Over the past 13 years, Rhyan has honed his general business and film skills as a creative and business savvy filmmaker and lead producer maneuvering and climbing the ranks all while maintaining a level head and Christ centered mentality all the way. Rhyan’s zeal and impeccable motivation has allowed him to grow and maintain a tight ship all while delivering success.

In 2013 he formed Red Guerrilla Productions and Say Something Music independently. Since then his company has written, produced and directed several films including the critically acclaimed theatrically ran Motion Picture “Restored Me”. With an experienced and award-winning production and writing team, Red Guerilla Productions/Reel Stories Entertainment has worked with artists, producers, and executives on projects that have topped Billboard’s Charts and earned Film & TV nominations for The Chicago and Illinois Film Festival, The Memphis Film and Music Festival, Written Image Awards, Elevate Films Honors, Primetime Emmy Nominations, Columbia Deans Honors , BET Awards, Grammy and Stellar Awards.

Rhyan’s commitment to his faith and love for story has allowed him to minister through art in ways the faith community has yet to experience. He continues to work on projects that have purpose and furthers the faith conversation.