Dr. Zelda Johnson

A dual doctoral Ph.D. student in natural medicine, specializing in cardiovascular disease (CVD) and medicine, Ms. Johnson, through extensive research in ethnic medicine modalities, developed the Z ProtocolTM, a community education program which lowers blood pressure within six weeks. Ms. Johnson is certified in several clinical traditional medicine modalities including classical homeopathy, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Medical Qigong, manual lymphatic drainage, and several cultural acupressure techniques. Having a certificate in clinical trial management, she has conducted pilot studies and proved the feasibility of using several complementary and alternative medicine modalities to complement conventional medicine in the use of CVD. Ms. Johnson was recently selected as one of 100 practitioners in the country to participate in the NIH ODS Research Practicum, is the first African American to serve on the national board of homeopaths and is a cardiovascular Fellow for the Association of Black Cardiologists.

As stress often is an etiology of cardiovascular disease, the Z ProtocolTM, includes discussions about how to address racism as pathology and ameliorate the physical and emotional symptoms through medical modalities. Ms. Johnson’s private clinical practice, The Natural Hypertension Institute, has included three effective medical modalities that can address both stress and hypertension for the 33rd national conference through the Serenity Experience held in the Venice room. Participants will learn pranayama, or breathing exercises, experience the benefits of energy medicine through Qigong and Taichi, and trace stress from the body through several acupressure point techniques.