Dr. Timothy Jones

Dr. Jones brings a significant background in education serving as an elementary school assistant principal, an elementary school principal, a middle school principal, director of curriculum and instruction, an adjunct professor, an educational consultant and a school improvement director. Currently, Dr. Jones is serving Atlanta Public Schools as the principal of BEST Academy High School. Throughout the course of his career, Dr. Jones has been instrumental in furthering school and system improvement efforts as well as driving and sustaining strategic change resulting in marked student achievement gains.

Dr. Jones recently transferred to the Atlanta City School System, where he exhaustively works to provide guidance and support to new and veteran teachers. He is uniquely suited for this role, he has been described as an innovative educator, who has had a profound impact on the students and adults with whom he interacts and supports. Making certain that those he works with understand the importance of a sound educational foundation, Dr. Jones has been instrumental in promoting and sustaining continuous improvement and life-long learning.

The crux of Dr. Jones’s work centers upon his efforts to support school communities as they meet the demands associated with the implementation of new programs, enhanced instructional practices, technology infusion and focused initiatives centering upon improving student outcomes. Dr. Jones’s strong commitment to positive, dynamic relationships with the community, parents, students, and school personnel has enabled him to assist in leading in every level (Elementary-Post Secondary) His vision, for each school he works with, is that they become ”the school system of choice for families.”