Dr. Terrence “Terry” Freeman

Terrence  L.  Freeman  is  a  Professor  of  Mechanical  Engineering  at  St.  Louis  Community  College  at Florissant  Valley  and  the  founder  of  TransEd.  He  graduated  with  honors  from  Rensselaer  Polytechnic Institute  with  a  B.S.  and  from  Massachusetts  Institute  of  Technology  with  an  M.S.  in  Mechanical Engineering.  He  has  served  as  a  Research  Engineer  for  Western  Electric  and  Ralston  Purina  Co.  and  as Senior  Project  Engineer  for  Mallinckrodt,  Inc.  He  completed  his  Ph.D.  in  Educational  Leadership  and Policy Studies with concentration in Higher Education Administration at the University of Missouri at St. Louis. Since entering the field of education, he has served in a variety of positions at St. Louis Community College  including  Coordinator  of  the  Minority  Engineering  Transfer  Program,  Engineering  Science Coordinator, and Advisor to the President on Multicultural Affairs. 

Dr. Freeman’s varied work experiences include managing an urban roller skating rink, conducting diversity workshops  for  a  variety  of organizations  from  elementary  schools  to  the  FBI,  and  teaching  subjects  as varied  as  mathematics  and  sociology,  in  addition  to  his  specialty  of  engineering.  In  addition  to  his responsibilities  with  the  100,  he  has  worked  with  youth  and  coordinated  programsfor  Upward  Bound, INROADS,  The  National  Society  of  Black  Engineers,  The  National  Science  Foundation,  A  World  of Difference Institute and a host of community based initiatives. He is a poet, a black belt in tae kwon do, a guest columnist for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and a proud member of St. Philip’s Evangelical Lutheran Church. As a motivational speaker, consultant and presenter he has served the community through a variety of initiatives and has received numerous awards in recognition of his efforts.