1. Start with a business plan

Creating a solid business plan is an important first step for anyone starting a business. Be sure to include a company overview, a market analysis, your financial data, and an executive summary. Visit the Wells Fargo Works Business Plan Center for free business planning resources.

2. Determine your hiring needs

When you first start out, you may be the only employee. If you intend to hire full- or part-time employees right away, make sure you’re comfortable with and can afford the costs associated with hiring staff.

3. Understand your financial picture

Most businesses are initially financed by personal savings and credit, but you may need additional financing. Our Wells Fargo bankers can discuss your initial financing needs and options, and help strategize ways to build your credit profile.

4. Build a strong network

Having a strong support system in place is important when starting a business. So build your network with your banker, a lawyer, a certified public accountant and any other professionals pertinent to your industry.

There are a lot of important decisions to make as you venture out on your own to start a business. But upfront planning goes a long way in preparing your business for long-term financial success. Visit our resource centerto learn, plan and take action toward your entrepreneurial goals. How will you advance your Empowerful journey? Get inspired at wellsfargo.com/empowerful.

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