What is
Mentoring The 100 Way Across A Lifetime?

The 100 is committed to mentoring and supporting individuals as they pursue goals throughout their lifetime. Members are actively mentoring elementary, middle school and high school youth. Though the Collegiate 100, students are mentored and serve as mentors during their post- secondary education years. Through their individual businesses and their employers, members provide internship opportunities to collegiate students. Upon entering the workforce, men- tees continue to receive ongoing guidance and support from 100 members.In addition to mentoring youth, chapters provide educational workshops that encompass education, health and economic development while developing civic-minded leaders who in turn give back to society.

What is
Mentoring The 100 Way Difference?

Mentoring the 100 Way focuses on building essential skills needed to become productive, contributing global citizens. Workshops for children and youth include topics such as positive self identity and personal vision, life skills, social and emo- tional skills, moral character, work ethic and lifelong learning. Workshops and training for the family and members of the community range from health and wellness, generational wealth building and leadership development to current issues and best practices in education and mentoring.

The differentiation of the 100 from other youth-focused programs is a mentoring connection that is sustained over many years. Chapter programs include men- toring youth from 8 years of age until they graduate high school. Many chapters continue the mentoring relationship through their Collegiate 100 ® programs. All Mentoring the 100 Way techniques are developed using SMART goals (smart, measurable, action-oriented, realistic and timely) and the following mentoring relationship models are utilized:

  • 1 to 1 Mentoring (one adult mentoring one young person)

  • Group Mentoring (one adult mentoring a group of young people)

  • Tag Team Mentoring (2 to 3 adult mentors assigned to a specific young person)

  • Peer to Peer Mentoring (youth mentoring youth; adults mentoring adults)

A Mentoring Legacy

100 Black Men, through the signature program Mentoring the 100 Way®, has expanded services and programmatic initiatives to support, educate and empower individuals throughout their lifetime. The global 100 network, which grew from a group of concerned African American men who in 1963 dedicated themselves to making a difference in the lives of youth, has now harnessed its collective power to provide mentoring across the US, Europe and the Caribbean. As members of the 100 focused on the critical needs of youth, and the communities in which they live, it was a natural progression to provide Mentoring The 100 Way Across A Lifetime.

Motivated to Achieve

Intellectual Development

Self Sufficiency

Economic Empowerment

Global Leadership