CARBONDALE — Women for Change along with 100 Black Men of Southern Illinois is putting on a forum to address key issues facing youth in the region.

“The forum is for everyone: mothers, fathers, men, boys, and grandparents. The ‘village’ concept connects all of us to provide a safe, secure and healthy place for children to grow, to develop and discover their life’s potential,” said Carbondale City Councilwoman Ginger Rye-Sanders. 
The forum will go into several talking points, from gun violence and recidivism (the tendency of a convicted criminal to reoffend), to the “village” concept and, of course, the qualities of being a man.    This isn’t the first time Women for Change and 100 Black Men have come together for the community. They have participated in many food giveaways to offset the food insecurity of families, Rye-Sanders said. Thursday’s forum, entitled “Boys to Men,” will continue that good work.
Rye-Sanders explained the purpose of the forum is to get youth involved and to build relationships with community members, as well as to reestablish the importance of what she calls the “village.” To read the full article, please click here