Collegiate 100® Sophomore Scholars Program

In an effort to provide early awareness of the Wells Fargo Collegiate Opportunities Pipeline, which includes the Sophomore Scholars program, increased participation and increased applicant quality, a new Sophomore Scholars Pipeline will be continued. The program will target college freshmen and provide opportunities for them to learn about the Sophomore Scholars program in an effort to enhance their writing skills and strengthen their application completion capabilities.

Program Impact

The six (6) chapters that participated in the 2018-2019 Wells Fargo Sophomore Scholars Pipeline program reported tremendous programmatic success and operational enhancements.

Program Participants

  • 168 College Students Completed the Program
  • 26 Adults Participated in the Program

Gender Mix of Student Participants

  • 103 Male Students – 62%
  • 65 Female Students – 38%

Chapter Impact Story:

“One student came away with a revelation - the statement, ‘You are being interviewed everyday’. As a result of really evaluating that statement, he has changed his wardrobe by getting rid of all attire which makes him look ‘thuggish".
– 100 Black Men of Savannah, Inc.