Pathways To Success

Wells Fargo has partner with the 100 to provide workforce readiness to mentees across the nation.

With continued support 100 Black Men of America, Inc., continues to expand its Economic Empowerment programming impact by providing 100 Black Men chapter grants to support the implementation of the Pathways to Success Program and reinforce Workforce Readiness. The Pathways to Success Program is designed to provide and reinforce Workforce Readiness within the 100 Black Men Chapter Network with the end goal of creating a pipeline of our mentees who are ready for corporate careers and/or entrepreneurial endeavors.

Program Impact

The 15 chapters that participated in the 2018-2019 Wells Fargo Pathways to Success program reported tremendous programmatic success and operational enhancements.

Program Participants

  • 42 Middle School Students Completed the Program
  • 262 High School Students Completed the Program
  • 59 College Students Participated in the Program
  • 18 Adults Participated in the Program
  • 381 Total Program Participants

Gender Mix of Student Participants

  • 282 Male Participants – 74%
  • 99 Female Participants – 26%

Chapter Impact Story:

“There was one young man in the program who had no intention of doing anything positive following graduation from high school. As we progressed through the sessions, a light came on for the young gentleman. His focus changed and he became a very active participant. By the completion of our sessions, the young man had decided that he was going to the local technical college to pursue a certificate in Welding.”
– 100 Black Men of Greater Columbia, Inc.