Hands On Banking

The Hands on Banking program covers all the basics of smart money management.

The curriculum is designed for four age groups: Adults, Young Adults (ages 15–21), Teens (grades 6–8), and Kids (grades 4 and 5). The Hands on Banking program is an easy and enjoyable way to teach and learn the essentials of financial education: the basics of bank services, the importance of saving, smart money management, using credit responsibly, investing, wealth building, and more. Whether it’s opening a checking account, avoiding identity theft, paying for college, applying for a credit card, or starting a small business, the Hands on Banking program provides real-world skills and knowledge everyone can use.

Program Impact

The 14 chapters that participated in the 2019 Mentoring the 100 Way® Across A Lifetime: Wells Fargo Hands on Banking program reported tremendous programmatic success and operational enhancements.

Program Participants

  • 339 Middle School Students Completed the Program
  • 258 High School Students Completed the Program
  • No College Students Participated in the Program
  • 91 Adults Participated in the Program
  • 688 Total Program Participants

Gender Mix of Student Participants

  • 516 Male Participants – 75%

  • 172 Female Participants – 25%


Chapter Impact Story:

We have a few seniors in high school who truly benefitted from the program. They were able to avoid some costly mistakes after learning more about student loans and their long term impact. The students are even considering attending a community college for 2-years, before transferring to a 4-year traditional, in order to make sure they do not accumulate debt.”
– 100 Black Men of Chicago, Inc.