Kenneth Kelly, named the chairman and chief executive officer of the 10th largest African American-controlled bank in America, will now sit on the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago’s Community Depository Institutions Advisory Council.

He will join 11 other banking executives from across the Midwest (Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and Wisconsin) currently representing portions of the five states in the Seventh Federal Reserve District to advocate for all 1,731 depository institutions within the Seventh Federal Reserve District.

“I am grateful to be appointed to the Advisory Council to provide insight into our economy in Michigan and the current banking landscape,” Kelly told the Michigan Chronicle. “This opportunity will provide a platform to discuss the renaissance in Detroit and Southeastern Michigan from a financial perspective. It is my plan to solicit input from my peers in the banking industry, business leaders, and political stakeholders to positively effectuate policy for us in Southeastern Michigan over the next three years.”