100 Black Men of America Health and Wellness COVID Committee has several partnerships with organizations such as Pfizer, Apple, etc to educate the community about COVID as well as encourage vaccinations while decreasing hesitancy.  As the fall approaches there is a national initiative to get all youth > 12 vaccinated prior to returning to schools.

In addition, the 100 BMOA Violence Prevention Action Committee (VPAC) has officially partnered with the National American Red Cross to educate middle school and high students about the importance of donating blood once they turn 16 years of age while reducing violence in their communities. Red Cross is at a critical shortage of “Type O” which is universal blood used in emergencies (OB, Gastrointestinal (GI) Bleeds, Trauma, Sickle Cell, etc).  This decreases the chances of a person who is in shock (low Blood Pressure) from loss of blood surviving once they arrive in an Emergence Department, particularly in Hospitals located in Black and Brown Neighborhoods).  The VPAC committed has create an initiative called “Sleeves Up, Violence Out” to encourage youth all across the country to roll their sleeves up to obtain their vaccinations and donate blood while simultaneously doing their part to decrease violence.  Violence is increased all across the country and the 100 BMOA VPAC is bringing aware to important stats (#1 Killer of Young Black Men 10-24 yo age is Homicide / #2 Killer of Young Hispanic Men 10-24yo age is Homicide.”