Board of Directors (Old)

Constitutional Officers

Thomas W. Dortch

Chairman of the Board

Albert E Dotson, Jr., ESQ

Vice Chairman

Milton H. Jones, Jr.


Dr. Mark Alexander


Members At Large

Acey Byrd

Member At Large

Bethew "Bert" Jennings

Member At Large

Michael Victorian

Member At Large

Charles Walker

Member At Large

Rev. Jewett Walker, Jr.

Member At Large

District Representatives

Kolarele Sonaike

International Representative

William Luster

Midwest Representative

Marcellous "Mark" Reed

Western Representative

Curtiss Jacobs

Northeastern Representative

Charles Griggs

Southern Representative

Stanley L. Savage

Southeastern Representative

Chairmen & President Emeriti

Curley M. Dossman, Jr.

Chairman Emeritus

Dr. Williams H. Hayling

President Emeritus

Nathaniel R. Goldston, III

President Emeritus

Committee Chairs

Mr. James "Mac" Hunter, Esq.

General Counsel, Ex Officio

Dr. Albenny Price

Chapter Development Chair

Anthony B. O'Neill, Sr. Esq.


Wes Bellamy

Public Policy Committee Chair

Mr Jerome Maddox, Jr.

Audit Committee Chair

Rev. Dr. Frederick Haynes

100 Interfaith Committee Chair

Robert Tapely

Operations Policy Committee Chair

Kevin Patterson

Conventions & Meetings Committee

Dr. Joshua Murfree

Programs Committee Chair

Vernon Durden

By-Laws & Governance Committee Chair