100 Black Men of America’s Response to Protestor Arrest

100 Black Men of America supports the Constitutional right of Americans to peacefully demonstrate and call attention to the injustices happening across the country.


Americans, including communities of color, have an expectation that law enforcement will afford them the same civil rights given to others. As we await the release of the facts, the video of DeRay McKesson’s arrest suggests that this is yet another example of a blatant disregard for civil rights. An officer’s request for compliance should be an action that can be reasonably followed. Arresting an individual for failing to stay on a sidewalk, when there isn’t one, suggests an abuse of authority by the police officers involved.


We implore law enforcement to adhere to the basic tenets of civil rights, which include articulating to a citizen the purpose of their arrest, the law(s) they allegedly violated, and sharing their Miranda Rights.


Our Declaration of Independence, Constitution and local and federal laws provide explicit details on how all citizens should be treated; failure to do so will only incite more tension and bolster demands for justice.

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