32nd Annual Conference
June 13-17, 2018
The Diplomat Beach Resort
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What We Do

100 Black Men of America, Inc., (The 100) improves the quality of life for the communities we serve. Mentoring is the core service delivery of The 100, the largest network of African American male mentors in the nation. We influence and transform the lives of underrepresented and disenfranchised youth, with a focus on African American youth. Through our platform of Mentoring The 100 Way ®Across A Lifetime, we provide programmatic services in education, health and wellness, economic empowerment and leadership development, which makes a fundamental difference in the lives of the youth we touch and the communities we serve.


Marc Littlejohn

Sr. Manager, Public Affairs-Stakeholder Engagement, Walmart®

 I have a sincere appreciation for the work of the 100 Black Men of America. The stories from children and parents that I hear every year at their annual conference are extremely heartwarming. The 100 Black Men continuously stand in the gap and practice what they preach in terms of mentorship. Their very engaging and participatory style of mentoring, is changing the lives of youth across the country.


Duane Farrington

Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer, State Farm®

State Farm® is extremely proud of our longtime relationship with the 100 Black Men of America, Inc. The 100 is directly involved in guiding the futures of many of our youth through mentoring, programmatic support and scholarship assistance. As a member of the Central Illinois Chapter of the 100, I get to witness firsthand the direct impact we have on the lives of the young men we support as well as the positive effect on the communities we serve. State Farm is honored to stand with the 100 through our financial support, associate involvement and by championing their mission.

"Mentoring has helped me to..."

“Believe in myself, and know that if I ever need anything, I am never alone.”

“Become more confident in myself and my capabilities.”

“Love myself as opposed to not liking myself because of the stereotypes of Black men; to not only look to lend a hand to help others and do what’s good, but do it because it’s right by God.” 

“Become better in life, keep me on track, and believe in myself.”


“What They See Is What They’ll Be.”

100 Black Men of America, Inc. provides long-term mentor relationships for multiple stages of life that expand the possibilities of what can be achieved. We provide expanded educational experiences and advocacy in the areas that significantly affect the community. The 100 addresses systemic issues and bridges opportunity gaps for African American youth. We create environments where children and their families are inspired to dream, challenged to achieve and empowered to be economic stakeholders. We create opportunity.

Help Make A Difference In the Lives Of Our Youth