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There is absolutely nothing…I repeat anything…so important that it requires texting while driving. The 100 has addressed this important message with our youth in the past. It bears constant repeating. That is why we are pleased to support our long time partner AT&T with their It Can Wait Campaign.

We have encouraged all 118 Chapters of 100 Black Men to get evolved and actively share this message with students, parents, schools and the community organizations they partner with locally to mentor youth of driving age. AT&T has organized a national tweet out for September 19, 2012. Please join this movement and help bring some much needed attention to this issue. Click here for resources and tools that will help you spread the message: It Can Wait…Don’t Text & Drive.

On September 19, 2012, please tweet one of the following messages:

  • Don't text and drive! Join @ATT and @Teehive on Sept 19 for No Text on Board Day. #itcanwait
  • Texting while driving has serious consequences. Learn more about #ATT's efforts to educate: cc @TeeHive #itcanwait

Remember, the loss of one more life is one loss too many. Help spread this message. Join the movement today.

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